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Written by Mark Powers   
Wednesday, 18 November 2009 09:29

Quick Waypoint
- Added scene to allow for quick marking, tagging, saving and sending your current location (email only so far). Tap 'Quick' - Tap 'Tag' - Tap 'Save'
- Default settings show Quick Waypoint at launch and autosave your current location with 'Other' tag.

Map and List View
- Added map showing multiple waypoints, current heading and optional track of where you've been.
- Modified sort and display algorithms to avoid bogging down with tracking on.

Alerts and Notifications
- Dashboard Notification for Map and List view contains mini-map showing multiple waypoints and current heading. Keep your eye on the closest waypoints while multi-tasking.
- Dashboard Notification for Go To view contains heading dial, navigation arrow, distance and waypoint name and description. Keep your eye on the target while multi-tasking.

GPS Console
- Added GPS Console screen for looking at raw GPS data.

Go To View
- Decreased dial size and move elements to adjust for different display heights (to accomodate banners and dashboards and Pixi).

GPS Error checking
- Added GPS error checking to all scenes.

- Added support email link.

Bug Fixes
- Waypoint entry by DDD MM.mmm now allows latitudes and longitudes between 0.000 and -1.000 to be saved.

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