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I would love to se the coordinates available in the Military Grid Referance System format.
Thanks for your message. That is on the list and bumped higher because of your message.
Hi, I'm building a webOS app. I have a list of locations with lat/lon and would like to be able to push the list to a mapping tool to display them Do you support that?

Go To Tool  versions 1.3.12 and higher support this feature.

This is a function I used in my test app to launch Go To Tool to do the import:

launchGoToTool: function(sendArray){
'palm://com.palm.applicationManager', {
method:      'launch',
parameters:  {
id: 'com.longbeachit.gototooldemo',
params: {
action: 'import-waypoints',
data: sendArray

I added elements to send array as follows:

latitude: latitude,
longitude: longitude,
time: time,
name: name,
desc: desc

Note that the launch call I've shown here is for demo (com.longbeachit.gototooldemo).
Ideally your app would detect which version is installed and launch to that version
(com.longbeachit.gototool is full, com.longbeachit.gototoollite is lite).

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 April 2010 15:14
I've never been able to use my compass. The compass itself never points north. It just simply doesn't move.
The compass only works when you have good GPS signal (outdoors) AND you are moving 3-4 mph or more (in a steady direction).

There is a setting that locks the dial so  it won't turn. Make sure that is not enabled.

Try it in a car with somebody else driving.
Trying to add a nearby Geocache. If I hit the '+' icon and select any cache form the geocache website by clicking on the name it looks like it starts ok, but then in the description box it puts: err=TypeError: Cannot read property.

For the software to get that data automatically you need to be logged in to geocaching.com in the web browser (coordinates are hidden if not logged in). Make sure to check 'Remember Me' when logging in. Go To Tool will then be able to find the data.

The error handling has been improved in versions 1.3.12 and above.

If a GPX file to be imported contains an & in the tag the import fails.

There have been no GPX import issues for months.

A proper XML file will have '&' encoded so the XML parser can interpret the data properly. The code should be '&'. 
I just downloaded the paid app.  How do I get my waypoints from the 'lite' version?
Go To Tool v1.3.10 full and lite were just published. These include the ability to export saved locations to a GPX file. To get your saved waypoints from Lite to Paid you will send the locations from Lite and import to paid.

From Lite in the map and list view select 'Saved Items' and then 'Send Saved Waypoints.' Send the message to an email address you can access from a desktop. On the desktop view the message (as HTML) then copy and paste into a text file with a gpx extension. If your webOS device adds a signature to all emails you'll need to delete the signature from the end of the GPX file.

Once the GPX file is created put it on the USB partition of your webOS device. In the paid Go To Tool you then select import from the app menu and browse for the gpx file. Import and save... If all is done correctly you should have your waypoints in the new version.

I will be working on a smoother transfer in an upcoming release.
I would like to be able to save map tiles onboard my device for trails I will be on away from cell service. Please consider trying to cache maps or allow users to store specific map tiles on the device.
As far as caching map tiles... It's already available but will be improved. Right now you can pan the map with the keyboard and force tiles to be loaded that are away from your location. The tiles are cached in a database on the media partition of your device. So before you go out, pan around the area you are headed to (at all zoom levels you will want). The tiles will be loaded to the database and will be used for up to 2 months until the cache expires or less if newer tiles bump them. You can check the number of tiles in the db on the app menu (Saved Items > Count Saved Tiles).

I currently have the max tiles allowed in the db at 600 (around 17 MB of storage). I will make this a preference after the feature has been field tested for longer (should be able to store 17866 tiles in 500 MB). I also plan to make this feature more robust by developing an interface to specify an area and a zoom level and have the app cache the tiles in the background (wifi only?).
I purchased Go To Tool a while ago, when it had green backgrounds. I don't see a way to choose colors in the preferences. Is there any way to get the green scheme back?
The files and settings are still there in the app but there currently is no way to change the setting. Stay tuned.
Is there a way to e-mail or text coordinates or a map/satellite view for a given location?

In Quick Location for v1.3.10 and greater you can send the current location via email, messaging or twitter status update. Tap 'Send' and choose your method on the sub-menu.

v 1.3.10 improves the ability to send any location from Go To view via email or text. On the application menu select 'Send Waypoint' and choose your method.

Last Updated on Thursday, 22 April 2010 15:23
I can't determine how to download a .loc file to my Palm pre. It always comes as a .aspx file.
The webOS browser won't let you save with the proper loc extension (probably because it is not just a file link but a button that does more). I have found that you can download a Gpx file via browser if it is a link and not a button. WebOS won't save gpx from email, though (yet.. I hope to register as a handler for gpx files).
Can you provide directions to use Go To Tool as a standard compass?
There is no compass in the Pre. You have to be moving at a walking clip so the GPS can detect your heading. If you are moving quickly enough and steadily enough the  Go To dial will line up with North. Also, make sure the dial is not locked out or Go To won't be able to indicate North.
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What are the advantages of the licensed version?

The Lite version has a 'nag' at startup in order to give you an opportunity to consider purchasing the full, 'nag'-free version..

The Lite version has a 'nag' in alerts and notifications. This 'nag' hides the name and description in the alert or notification for a short time in order to give you an opportunity to consider purchasing the full, 'nag'-free version.

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 June 2010 07:56
How Do I Delete a Single Waypoint?

In List View. As in most webOS lists, a simple swipe to the side will initiate delete... In this case I've included confirmation.

In Map View tap a waypoint and tap Delete on the dialog that is presented.

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